Gospel Choir (2001)


Recording Information

Classification: Gospel Choir
Year of release: 2001
Language: English
Type: Studio cast

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Unfortunately, this album is out of print. Some copies may still be found on Discogs.


Lead vocals are credited to Patrick Bopp


Credited to Gospelchor der Christophorus-Kantorei Altensteig

Audio Production Information

Conductor: Michael Nonnenmann
Choir arrangements: Stefan Kalmer

Track Listing

1. Overture
2. Heaven On Their Minds
3. What’s the Buzz
4. Everything’s Alright
5. Hosanna
6. Simons Zealots
7. Pilate’s Dream
8. The Temple
9. Try Not To Get Worried
10. I Don’t Know How to Love Him
11. Damned for All Time
12. The Last Supper
13. Gethsemane
14. The Arrest
15. King Herod’s Song
16. 39 Lashes
17. Superstar

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