Knowledge Base

This section is a key part of JCS Zone. As our stated aim is to be the largest fan community for Jesus Christ Superstar in existence on the Internet, our stock is in what is provided here. In addition to the ability to talk and discuss everything JCS-related with hundreds of fans from all over the world in the Fan Zone area of the site, you also receive access to an extensive database of information (each section of which is accessed by clicking its respective link below). Contact us if you wish to contribute.


“What’s the buzz?” you ask. This is where to find out what’s a-happenin’! (This section is for those who are very new to JCS and have questions that they are sure have been asked before.)

Upcoming Productions

Want to experience the magic of JCS for yourself in a real live theater (or cinema)? Well, look no further! Now, thanks to this page, you will be able to track down performances at a venue near you, with links to buy tickets and learn more about each production (or event) where available.


A (fairly) complete discography of recordings over the years, with detailed info on all kinds of JCS-related audio, ranging from official (studio and live) to promo to rare releases.


A (fairly) complete filmography, with detailed info on all kinds of JCS-related video, ranging from official (studio and live) to promo to rare releases.


Our extensive collection of exclusive interviews with cast members, directors, producers, and more who have been involved with JCS over the years (some of them long-term veterans).

Library (coming soon)

Our extensive collection of books, articles, etc. – some of which have been out-of-print and were transcribed or scanned by site administrators, others of which are excerpts from publicly released materials that fall under Fair Use laws – that delve deep into the history of JCS.