Welcome to JCS Zone’s Jesus Christ Superstar discography. Here, you will find detailed information on all officially released studio and live cast recordings of JCS throughout the years. (If you’re looking for unofficial recordings, they aren’t listed here; if you want more information on those, visit the forum and contact the various traders in our community.)

Right now, this page is a work-in-progress. Check back often for updates, and contact us if you wish to contribute.

A Brief Note About Studio Recordings

When any show is a hit, a lot of people will be quick to capitalize on the show’s success. In this case, Jesus Christ Superstar was one of the first albums of its kind, and back in the day, everyone wanted their own slice of the pie where the Passion According to Tim and Andrew was concerned. At the time of the original release, “budget” labels famous for releasing low cost sound alike albums (“knock-off” recordings capitalizing on shows, songs, or albums that became hits) jumped into the fray. The performers were usually never an actual ensemble that had performed JCS (indeed, in its early days, the number of actual casts performing the show were very few), but instead merely a group of vocalists who recorded songs from the show. Usually, these recordings were very cheaply put together and produced, and priced to own. (Today, albums like these, now labeled “studio cast recordings,” can no longer be accurately described as simple cash-grabs, but in the case of early recordings, the use of the phrase “knock-off” is totally appropriate.)

Owing to the nature of making a quick buck, many of the early Seventies studio recordings were frequently repackaged under new names with new covers and different track listings (sometimes more songs, sometimes less), following the “suckers will pay for the same present in new gift wrapping” principle. In order to keep things tidy here, we have placed alternate album covers and track listings on the page of whichever was the first release of each respective variation, and then discussed which tracks are exclusive to each version in the track list section of said page. If a “knock-off” you know is not on the main Discography page, snoop around — we probably haven’t missed it.