Here you will find our extensive collection of exclusive interviews with cast members, directors, producers, and more who have been involved with Jesus Christ Superstar over the years. Contact us if you wish to contribute.

Original Cast and Creativesicon_6

Interviews with anyone from the original JCS, including cast members from the concept album, Broadway, film, first-run companies, etc.


The Second Comingicon_5

The line of succession following the first-run productions, people who worked in the A.D. Tour, other Eighties and Nineties tours and regional productions, people who have come to help define the history of JCS as we know it, be they cast or creatives.


Fresh Bloodicon_7

From the 21st century onward, people who have been (to some degree) a part of the new JCS generation.


Authors and Historians

A new category for JCS Zone interviews, this will cover discussions and conversations with anybody writing about JCS from a scholarly, historical, sociological, archival, or other viewpoint than that of a performer or creative.